Evasion Camp is brought to you by Odasie and Safarine Tours, two local travel agencies established in Thailand for 12 and 25 years respectively.

about us

Odasie was founded by Nicolas and his wife in 2008.

With a unique travel experience in mind, Odasie is offering private and tailor-made trips around Thailand for all kinds of travelers, from couples to families.

Safarine Tours was founded in 1995 by David who felt in love with the Kingdom, especially Kanchanaburi province. As a specialist of Western Thailand, he has for more than 20 years put his expertise, knowledge and hospitality at the service of travelers.

Both agencies are actively engaged in responsible and respectful tourism, respect for human beings, ecosystems and biodiversity.

WONDERFULL Travel Experiences

Unlike other camps, we do not spend the full time at one and unique location. We split the week between 2 atmospheres : 3 nights in a jungle environment (such as Kanchanaburi or Khao Yai) and 3 nights in a private beachfront environment (such as Hua Hin or Chonburi).


With activities specially designed for kids, private accommodation (twin rooms) and with a trained and professional team of instructors (at least 1 instructor for 2 kids) committed to the their well being, Kids Evasion Camp is the perfect place for your kids to have fun, make new friends and learn new things, in a safe and secure environment !


A Professional & Safe environment

Our staff is composed of trained professionals : camp director, instructors, nurse, drivers, everyone is involved to make sure kids have fun in the most secure way.
Language spoken : english, thai and french.

WE Got You Covered


Kids Safety is our number 1 priority, with maximum 1 staff for 3 kids and a full time nurse being part of the team we make sure everyone is happy and safe!


Much like holidays kids will stay in a hotel or a lodge, 2 kids per room with a twin bed, A/C and private bathroom.

Epic journeys

Outdoor games, waterfall hiking, treasure hunt, zipline, mountain bike, beach games, nature, camping, paddle board, mud brick and many more exciting games…!!!

Next sessions

Kanchanaburi – Hua Hin / Nature & Beach

6 days to discover all the marvels of Kanchanaburi province and enjoy Hua Hin beaches with a lot of fun activities! Stand Up Paddle, Zipline, Lake Parkour, Biking, Fishing, Beach Games and much more!


13-18 / 19-25 December

Khao Yai – Chonburi / Nature & Beach

5 days to discover all the marvels of Khao Yai province and enjoy the beaches of Chonburi with a lot of fun activities! Stand Up Paddle, Zipline, Lake Parkour, Biking, Fishing, Beach Games and much more!


26-30 December